Maria Titova

Maria started dancing boogie-woogie in 2012 in the dance studio near her work. Since first lesson, Masha was attracted by music and cheerful teachers. She also found her future husband thanks to boogie-woogie.
Maria had previously practiced various dance styles, but boogie (and swing dancing in general) allows to experience freedom, joy in dancing and, what is very important, to apply dancing skills at a variety of parties and performances of musical groups at once. There is no need to constantly learn the same unfamiliar choreography, look for a partner for classes - you can dance to your favorite music with any partner.
Maria started teaching in 2014. It forced her to grow even more over herself and to teach others to act in the same way. She likes to watch how people relax in dance, and the more they learn the more they enjoy dancing. Maria “raised” dozens of dancers together with her husband Sergey over the years of teaching.

Anna Biedina

Anya’s acquaintance with swing began with music: she often attended rock-n-roll concerts and festivals (including Ukrabilli Vybukh), where she watched the dancing crowd. And over time, she realized that she wanted not only to watch, but also to dance with them.
She started to take Boogie-Woogie classes in spring of 2011, a year later Lindy Hop was added, and after a while Coligiate Shag.
For Anya, boogie-woogie is first of all the drive, the awesome energy and the inability to resist to the fiery rhythms of rock-n-roll and jump-blues. It is new acquaintances with completely different people who are united by an interest in swing; it is travelings and parties till the morning to the swing music. And also, thanks to boogie-woogie, Anya met her husband Taras. :)
Together, they visited many international dance events across Europe (and a little bit outside it), participated in various competitions and dance contests, became the prizewinners of the Ukrainian Cup in boogie-woogie. Anya often gets into the finals of various jack-n-jills, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, and not only in boogie-woogie (for example, in her arsenal there is a 3rd place in Collegiate Shag Jack-n-Jill at International Event in Krakow).
Anya started teaching boogie-woogie in 2015, and a little later and collegiate shag. She likes to share her energy and delight from swing dances, she likes to watch how people are inspired by this energy and try to find their own style, although, we must say, Anya pays a lot of attention to dance technique, especially when preparing the couples for competitions.
As a teacher, Anya participated in dance events in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky and Krakow. Now she is also engaged in coaching. And in 2018, she passed the exam for a boogie-woogie judge in the Federation of Acrobatic Rock-and-Roll of Ukraine.
Now Anya is actively engaged in the development of Hot Boogie Club (and the development of the swing community in Kyiv and Ukraine, as a whole), takes part in organizing various events (parties, competitions, master classes). And also, together with other organizers, for several years now has been arranging an international dance event in Kyiv - October Boogie Fest.

Ksenia Smirnova

Ksenia came to the boogie classes in 2011. And could not stop. Before that she went through a few hobbies. She danced oriental dances, played badminton, went in for horse riding. But boogie captured her for many years.
Later lindy hop, solo jazz and collegiate shag added. Most of all Ksusha likes shag, because this is fun in its pure form and continuous positive.
In dancing Ksenia found her best friends, her favorite music, the opportunity to perform in public and travel a lot. Ksenia regularly attends various festivals and dancing camps, as far as swing dancing is a great worldwide community, which allows to meet mew people and have much fun on a dancefloor in almost every country.
Ksenia started teaching quite recently (in 2018). She likes to share the delight from dance, to understand the principles of interaction in a pair and to observe the growth of students. It's so great when you find some thread to pull, and a person starts to get something that did not work out before.

Taras Novokhatko

Taras started dancing in 2010. He got familiar with swing dancing on frequent rock'n'roll concerts from, where he had seen how stylish guys and girls dance to live music.
It was a long time to decide whether to go dancing or not, mainly because of his not quite social nature (the programmer profession indeed leaves its mark).
Having no special training that would contribute to the rapid growth in dancing, he achieved good results due to his patience.
The main thing for him in dancing is music. Rock and roll, and later, jump blues and swing, are frequent guests in his playlists at home, at work, in transport.
For Taras, the Boogie-Woogie dance reflects never-aging nature of this music, youth crazyness, and sometimes even chaos.
The second dance passion is Collegiate Shag, which he and his wife, Anna, studied first at home in Kyiv and later at international dance events throughout Europe.
Taras and Anya are frequent prize-winners of the Ukrainian Cup in boogie-woogie, and other various local dance competitions. For now he is taking part in different competitions with new partner - Lyuda.
Taras began teaching swing dances in 2015, relying on harmony in the interaction of leader and follower. During this time, Taras managed to grow a lot of happy boogie-woogie and collegiate shag dancers in Kyiv, participated as a teacher on dance events in Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky, and even Krakow.
In addition to teaching, Taras is actively involved in organizing events from the Hot Boogie Club, especially well known as a DJ at boogie-woogie parties.

Irina Kalatalo

Ira came to dance in 2013. Came literally at the call of the music. It was the rhythms of rock and roll from a nearby dance hall that led her to the first training session and since then have become an integral part of her life.
The first and favorite dance for her is Boogie-Woogie. But she is delighted with the whole family of swing dances. And she enjoys dancing lindy-hop, blues, solo-jazz, balboa and collegiate shag
Another of her passions is swing dance aerials and tricks that add a lot of adrenaline and drive to show cases, competitions or performances with a partner.
Ira has joined the Hot Boogie Club coaching staff recently. But her teaching debut took place in 2016. She held master classes in Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv.
The multiple finalist and winner of various competitions and contests. Judge of the Federation of Acrobatic Rock and Roll and Boogie Woogie of Ukraine. DJ and show-cases maker.

Ludmila Bondareva

The history of Lyuda’s dance life began in 2014 when an unexpected but definitely happy accident led her to dance. Her good friend really wanted to start dancing and persuaded Lyuda to go to a new boogie group. Excellent impressions from the first lesson, new acquaintances and a warm atmosphere have beneficially influenced her decision to stay.
Now Lyuda actively participates in the life of the club, helps in organizing events. Limitless positive, energy, enthusiasm and extraordinary hard work helped her in just 4 years to grow to participation in boogoe-woogie competitions in Main-class category with her partner Taras Novokhatko, and to join recently the teaching staff of the club.
In the dance itself Lyuda found a lot of things for herself: these are drive, and fun, and a wonderful mood and people to share everything with. And most important - an excellent way out for her hooligan nature.

Lesya Novokhatko

Since childhood, Lesya was not indifferent to dancing. Even then she was actively engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. At the age of 14, she opened modern dances for herself. By 18, she got her first dance job on the big stage. Then she managed to test herself in various roles: starting from performances in the support group of the "Kyiv" basketball club, various ballet shows, and ending with performances abroad.
Acquaintance with the boogie began back in 2012, thanks to her brother - Taras Novokhatko. But she came to classes already in 2015, when Taras began to teach. And then it started rolling all over: classes, competitions, festivals !! Blues, Lindy-hop, Shag =)
Lesya takes an active part in club parties organization, regularly attends competitions and has recently become one of the HBC teachers.
The decision to teach was easy, because she had many years of experience in this field. In addition, Lesya has already taught fitness and stretching, so she will definitely have something to surprise you with. And will put most active ones into the split.

Hot Boogie Club
Kyiv, Ukraine